Photo of Grandmother

Photo of Grandmother in 1994
Photo of Grandmother in 1994

This is a photograph taken around Christmas time in 1994, of a very strong woman, my grandmother, Carol Ann Marcinkiewicz. She was at an old restaurant called Delightful’s, here in East Harlem, on 116th. Every Christmas they would put up a big tree and decorate it. The restaurant is not there anymore due to being moved, but my grandmother was a waitress and manager there. My second cousin, Babey, took this picture and my mother gave it to me. My grandmother’s Polish and Irish family had moved to NYC for business and to own buildings, though her parents died while she was still young. My grandmother is a very important part of my family in my mother’s words because “she worked 2-3 jobs, including Delightful’s, and in an abusive relationship, she still took care of and protected her 4 children”.  She was a caring woman and provided for her children no matter what. They got their education, and jobs that she helped them get. My grandmother always loved Christmas so my mother said “it was likely of her to take this picture because she looked nice in red” while laughing. I’m glad I still have pictures like this, along with my other family, because it gives a legacy to remember about her.

Place(s): New York, Poland, Ireland
Year: 1920

– ZM

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more