Mandarin/English Dictionary

Relationship: Im/migrant
30 Year old Mandarin/English Dictionary
30 Year old Mandarin/English Dictionary

This dictionary was bought by my maternal grandmother more than three decades ago. It was used by my aunt and my mother who used it to study English for school in Shanghai, China, which is where my family originated. 
The dictionary contains English and explanations of the words in Mandarin. As the pages are flipped, I can see the little side notes and highlights my aunt and mother had marked. The historic book releases a musty odor that has derived from around thirty years. 
I connect this to my family’s immigration to the United States. What I think is significant and so wowing is how my family is now living in an English-speaking country! This is a representation of my family’s immigration to America. 
I view this dictionary not only as an ancient dictionary I keep in my room but as a family treasure that shall be passed on. The story it tells lives in my family, and in yours as well.

Place(s): Shanghai, New York
Year: 2011


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant