Mapping Freedom

Over a course of time, her parents contemplated over going into hiding or escaping Western Poland to the United States to gain freedom and hope not get deported then murdered by the Nazis’. In the summer of 1944, May and her family were at risk. My great-grandparents made a decision and declared that everyone in the family will be going to America. May recalled that she was very terrified as well as very unhappy. She has said that all of her childhood friendships were formed “here”, her friends played “here”, ate lunch “here”, gossiped “here”, and everything. But she knew deep down, that her life will be in danger is she refused to go with her family. To prepare their journey, they packed and brought along necessities (such as clothes, and packages of food). As for her childhood home and the furniture, it was left behind. But it is believed that the Nazis’ carted all of the items in her home and stood vacant since. Soon, May and her family took a big steam ship to the United States. Where she and her family will never return back to their home country and see their friends again. The globe as seen in the photograph is considered very important to my grandmother, is because it was a life saver to her and her family. Everyone survived the trip with very little food and so on. Her parents were able to map out where they should all go once they have settled in. Since then, my grandmother would never give up her globe for anything.

Year: 1944

– Jeremy Vitoulis

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