Construction hat

The story begins with the construction hat. The construction hat is an important and significant object for my father. Because the construction hat is around him in most of his life. My father is a construction worker since he was 24 years old. The trouble began when he came out a thought that planned move to America with my family. Because the visa for my family was delayed and my father have no idea for when we can move to America, so he decided to started his own business in China. After few years, my family’s visa was processed. It all changed everything in my family’s whole life. When we moved to United States. Everything was new to my family, especially to my father. Because he doesn't speak English and he’s unable to start the business in United States. He had to started to looking for a job in United States. After couple weeks later, he got a job which is be a construction worker. Since he hasn't done a job in United States, he has to work from the lowest position. He says “I used to work less in China, but I need to do everything being a construction worker in United States.” He sighed. “It’s hard for me to adapt my job, even the measurement unit is different to me.” My father never give up to his job and he still trying to learn new thing in his life. Now, we had been here since in 2011 and the time was passing so fast. My father has been adapted his new life and learned lots of new thing in his job.

Year: 2012

– Jing

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