My story is start in subway. When my friend doing schoolwork in subway. The train came my friend take the stairs for the train and one person push and pull her hijab tell her that bloody immigrant bloody Muslim. During that time she was 9th grade student. That was her first year in this country. When she was in 10th grade she had a boyfriend and her family tell her to stop having boyfriend and tell her this is not what you should do now the time for your study. When she in 11th grade she have another boyfriend. She used to lived here with her sister. When sister know that again she doing the same thing like before. Her sister was said “I have enough from you can go away from my house” and she left her sister's house. then she start work in a fast food restaurant. The manager doesn't like her because she wear hijab. After couple of month the manager feel that she going to took her job. The manager start looking option to fire her from job and she couldn't. The time news came about Ebola virus moving around U.S she get sick but it wasn't Ebola. Manager got option. Manager told the owner of the store that she got Ebola and make her fire. After all this happened in her life she learned a lesson that girls should not have any symbolize that they Muslim and that they have boyfriend this not safe for Muslim girls.

Year: 2013

– shazada zabin

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