My beautiful aunt

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My aunt is smiling
My aunt is smiling

my aunt was born in mexico puebla tecamachalco on november 21,1994 and died in june 8 2010. she was only fifteen when she died, this impact my family and mostly my mom because she was in the united states when that happens. When my mom would talk or see  a picture of her tears will always come down no matter what, making me cry. My mom said that “ she liked getting up every morning and get ready to go to the park because my grandma sold in the park. So she would get up and helped naomi (naomi is my cousin) get ready. Then she and naomi would leave to help my grandma.” my mom loved her but sadly this was her second sister that died. My aunt died because of medical negligence my mom said that “her stomach started to hurt, the pain started to get worse so they took her to the hospital. When they got there the doctor said that they had to do an emergency operation. I don’t  know what really happened but what I do know is that she lacked oxygen and the hospital didn't have anymore oxygen so meanwhile they went to get more it was too late.” my aunt also wished to see us. I had the chance to see her grave again last year but Know every two or four years i get to see her.

Place(s): Mexico

– SN

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant