The Only BackPack

The story begins with my uncle who moved to USA from Uzbekistan when he was 4th grade with only a backpack that he got from his brother who he really loved. My uncle really loved school he would never miss a day in school. In USA he went to school he got a new back pack. The trouble began when in New York in a new school. He did not speak english only a little bit, he did not now who to talk to, some of the students in the school made fun of him because of the way he dressed differently from other and ugly and also the way he speaked english with accent, because of that he felt lonely like a bird flying by it’s self. My uncle started losing his love for school, he told his parents he wants go back home. It all changed when he found the backpack he got from his brother who he really loved. He took the backpack to school and it gave him a strength it made him fearless it was like a shield to him. After that he started becoming friends with the other students, he started speaking and started being he was not afraid anymore. This backpack was inspired him to stand for himself and go to school get educated. Right now he is in college finishing his masters and he is a number one student.

Year: 2006

– Dadabek Rajabov

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