Gold Cross Necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 My grandparents both were the first in my family to move to the United States, thus making my parents both the 1st generation in America.  My grandparents both came from large families with a total of 13 siblings on my grandmother’s side, whereas my grandfather had 7.  My grandparents were brought to America through my great-grandparents who petitioned for them to move to the United States so that they may have better lives.  By coming to America my family hoped to find better employment so that their wealth would increase.  With an increase in wealth came better educational opportunities for my grandparents as well.  Back in the Philippines, my family upheld a financial status fit for living purposes; however, these finances were not enough to cover educational fees considering they came from a large family.  After being able to finally immigrate all of my family to America, they lived in a poverty lifestyle long enough for everyone to achieve the education needed for a secure job.  In the process, my parents were born and lived in that same lifestyle.  Over time, my family was finally able to obtain their ultimate goal of having the security of living.  This picture is a bracelet that is a family tradition.  Every person that is born into my immediate family receives a unique gold item.  This item it acts as a symbol of how the hard work that my family had to put in has led to the increased wealth and improved lifestyle that I have today.  

Year: 1976

– Julani Padayao

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant