Grandfather's Flag

My Grandfathers burial flag
My Grandfathers burial flag

This is a picture of my grandfather’s burial flag that was given to me and my family when he passed away. Before he passed, he was serving in the military for 4 years as a boatswain's mate. A boatswain's mate will supervise the maintenance of your ship inside and out. This flag is really important to my family, but mostly to my mom. The reason why is because when she looks at that flag, it reminds her about how much love he had for serving our country, all the love he had for her telling her everything is going to be ok bighead, and the thought of her just missing him a lot. So now the burial flag of my grandpa sits here all day everyday on the table in the front of my house. Everytime when I look at this flag, I think of this picture of when he had me in his hands while I was a little baby with my milk bottle in my mouth. 

Place(s): Chicago

– Jaylin Samuel

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant