Walter Weil

Relationship: Im/migrant

This was a photo taken when my Grandpa enlisted in the US Army’s Tenth Mountain Division. It was used as his identification photo. This photo has been reproduced many times as it represents a milestone in our family’s history. It hangs in all of our homes. This photo was more than likely taken at their training base in Vail, Colorado. My Grandpa Walter was a Jewish refugee from Germany. He escaped the Nazis takeover and came to NYC. He worked on the streets of NYC shining shoes. In 1942 he joined the US Army seeking revenge on the Nazis. The Tenth Mountain Division was a select group who fought on skis in the Italian Alps. This is important to our family because it is a reminder of how appreciative we should be as Americans. 

My Grandpa escaped Nazi Germany. He was a German Jew. He solace in America. He built a life here as a proud Jewish Man.

Place(s): New York and Colorado and Germany
Year: 1939

– Oliver Roaman

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant