Toy Marine ship

A sentimental item is something that is associated with comforting emotions, feelings such as pity or compassion, and can tell a story from that one item. For me this item is a metal toy Marine ship. Although it is not a great or beautiful piece of work it holds a lot of meaning, and creates a image of what my family is like. This Marine ship came from my grandfather’s dad because he was a Naval service member (sailor) who always had to leave, so he gave the Marine ship to my grandfather to let him know even when he's gone he will always be there. My grandfather than became part of the marine corps, and gave a ship to each of his sons; one to my dad and his brother. Because my grandfather didn’t want to leave his kids as his dad before he made his family go where he went, which made my dad have to move about every year. Then my uncle became a Marine, he had a nearly fatal incident in the past year which scared my family a lot. He gave a ship to my cousin to let him know that he will be fine and he loves his family unconditionally. As you can see my family has a big military background, and this is why this Marine ship is a sentimental item.

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