Translator Dictionary

Relationship: Im/migrant

The story begins with a translator dictionary. The winter of 2010, Abir arrived to NYC for the first time,he rushed back into the airport and waited until his father showed up at the entrance. All he could think of was NYC and the exciting new life he was about to enter. But he had no idea what was waiting for him out there. The trouble began the day he realized his fear of step outside because he didn’t know how to speak english. A fear that making a sentence for him it was like written an essay. He didn’t wanted to go outside, he was so afraid that someone talk to him. However one day his father gave to him a little translator dictionary that he used to call “Sāmān'ya ba'i” which it means the little book. This gave him every solution and hope to all his problems when he had to speak english. It all changed the day that he had to go to school, he got lost and frustrated because the little book didn't help him find the way to go back home he dropped the “Sāmān'ya ba'i” to the floor and stepped on it several times, suddenly his dad appear and told him to stop, that it's time to stop depending in “Sāmān'ya ba'i” that it’s time to really learn how to speak english. After this, he never use the translator anymore. Now he is the one who takes care of everything at home that involved English, he actually is the one who taught me how to speak the language.This object represents that no matter what don't let the language become a barrier.

Year: 2010

– Nicole Canaveral

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant