Grandfather w/ President Nixon

Grandpa shaking hands w/ President Nixon
Grandpa shaking hands w/ President Nixon

This may look like an everyday picture of a soldier shaking hands with the president but, for my family and I, it holds a huge importance. This picture is of my grandpa. He served in the Coast Guard from the time he ws 21 years old to the time he was 24 years old. During the time he served we were fighting in the Vietnam War. Many men were being drafted into the military at that time to help fight but my grandpa chose to serve. This allowed him to choose which branch of the military he would go into. 

In this picture, my grandpa is shaking hands with President Nixon. Do you notice anything off about the picture? My grandpa is sporting facial hair. This picture was in newspapers and was very controversial. Many people could not believe that a soldier had met the President while having a almost full face of hair. My family has always found loopholes in rules and this is a very well documented way that suprised and offened many people.

This is not my only relative that served in the military. My great-grandfather also served. He entered the military at just 17 years old, choosing to lie on his paperwork so he could serve in World War 2. He was an airtraffic controler on Navy ships and served 20 years in the military before becoming a civil servant. He sadly died before I ever got to really know him and hear stories about his time in the military.

I am proud to be part of a legacy of men that have served our country.

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– RR

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