A new life


When I was young, my grandmother kept telling me if only I was born a born a boy, I my life would be all set. Then I did not know what she had meant. I was born in the year of a Tiger and the day the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Being a girl, there will be full of obstacles. No prominent family would want me as a daughter in law. I am consider to be Independent, brave, very competitive, confident and headstrong. So at the aged of 22, I was match made to the first suitor that came along, an abuser and a gambler for a husband. Before I knew it, he had absconded with everything I owned and I was ostracized and spit upon for being a single married woman and pregnant. No fault on the husband. After giving birth to my younger son, with a heavy heart, I handed my younger son to my mom and came to the United States where I can be who I am with the help of a Berkshire native, Ellen Jacobson, who I proudly call my American mom. Before I left Malaysia, I wowed to have my sons educated and to become a someone respectable. I work 7 days a week, 18 hours a day to make sure that they go to College. I will get myself a house in the Berkshires. I did all of those and also met my current husband, Chin Lee along the way. We have a daughter. My older son got a full boat from Boston College and is now a Chiropractor and my younger son a Tennis coach. Open up our restaurant, Flavours of Malaysia and now taken over the bar at GEAA named Tavern at The A.

Year: 1989

– Sabrina Tan

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