White Shirt

The white shirt represent the prison in what Devin(real name not used) is right now, as some youth immigrants Devin is forced to work in order to help his family. As a teenage arrived to United States Devin thought he could have a better learning environment and conditions. His parent said “foreign have better education than domestic, there have better environment for learning.” With that in mind Devin came to America when he was 15 years old. Everything was perfect not until he graduate from high school. Because his dad says "college is waste time, work is better." After his life was change, all came so suddenly. White shirt represent the first job that he has a busboy, also this shirt has all his hardships. Devin starts working at summer in 2013 when he was 18 years old, until now he has already work for 3 years. He told me that it was very tired to work and go to college at the same time because he had to work 16 hours a week. And he often feel tired and can't concentrate during the class. Originally Devin should go to college in 2013, because of his dad traditional concept think that,18 years old should be considered an adult, should help family bear some of the living expenses, such as house rent, reduce family pressure. Therefore Devin suspend from college for a year, and his working career started. A year later the light of hope kindled, because his sister repeatedly to persuade, their father agree him go to college, at the same time he still need to work as part time.

Year: 2013

– MengYing Li

Relationship:  unknown unknown