The Santaur/singing reindeer

The Santaur Ornament
The Santaur Ornament

In the Coccia household, Christmas is a big event. Although we're not religious we still celebrate hardcore. I'm talking the biggest tree you can find, eggnog, Yankee Swap (Gift Exchange), the whole shebang. Every year my parents try to find the ugliest, most funny, reindeer to put on the tree. this year my dad surprised us with a beautiful santaur (santa-centaur-reindeer). My mom got a horribly annoying singing reindeer head. This weird reindeer tradition originated with my Dad accusing my Mom of foul play when the first hideous reindeer he purchased was found broken. From then on my parents have been buying ugly reindeer in a sort of ugly reindeer competition, trying to find the ugliest ones. this funny reindeer competition has become a part of our family's Christmas. I always look forward to what the new year brings, but more importantly the new reindeer. (audio of the singing reindeer is included)

– M.C.

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