Thanksgiving is a holiday where you recognize how lucky you are to have the things in the life that you do. The picture above represents my family, and my family is the most important thing to me. In addition the people in this picture have come from different parts of this world and it is crazy how they have brought many different traditions to my family; My family comes from Guyana, Haiti, and France. I am thankful for the many things I received in my life especially my heritage. Everyone likes to ask me why am I so grateful for my family? They have molded me into what I am today simple as that. Although my family comes from different parts in this world, they are important people to this society. Furthermore when I was 6 years old, I started to learn about things that deal with my family's history and culture that I never knew about. Learning so much from my family I have connected many special occasion with them especially New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day. Without my family or their tradition, things would not be the same during times of celebrations because they bring many different interesting things for us. Tradition connects me with my heritage and culture because of the different things introduced into my life and contribute heavily to what I appreciate in life.

Year: 1988

– BF

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