Martinez Family

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

The lives that my parents lived before and after coming to the United States were different from one another. In Mexico, the men would take their sons to work with them (after school). They would work the fields, attend to their cattle, paint, etc. While the women would take their daughters with them to the market where they would sell items they made at home or some of the crops that their husbands got from farms and fields. My parents knew how important education was so when they started their family in this country, my father made sure he would work as much as possible so that my mother could stay home with my sister and I and make sure we were getting our education and did not have to struggle like they did in Mexico. In Mexico it was important that both parents worked and for the children to help as well to bring in as much income as possible. In the US, especially in New York, it is important for both parents to work as well but they have more options here than they did in Mexico. The options changed, their lives changed, everything changed for the better. I uploaded a picture of our family dog because we always said we would get a dog once we all established a steady schedule. Meaning, at least one of us would be home to be with him. For us, he symbolizes unity. 

Place(s): Mexico

– Jonathan Martinez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant