My Two Grandfathers

Charles Carter
Charles Carter

Mable Christie was a Half Scottish/Half Bajan woman who lived in Barbados. Her father left Scotland to escape famine. He settled in Barbados where he married a black woman and they had Mable. Mable married a Bajan priest with the surname Carter after migrating to America. They settled in New York and had four children, Malcolm, Marion, James, and Charles. Malcolm was constantly ridiculed by his father with accusations of him not being his biological child due to his reddish hair and freckles that mirrored his mother. Malcolm served in World War II, eventually marrying a woman named Jackie. Charles fought in the Korean War, earning a working wage. He met his future wife, Grace Williams and quickly got married. They had three children together, Carmen, and twins, Carol and Charlotte. Unfortunately, Charles was struck with MS and passed away when Carmen was four and the twins were two. Grace was devastated but she took the role of a single mother in the 1960’s earning a wage as a secretary, renting a space in a double home from an Italian man. When he sold the house to her, The Carter Family was the first black family on their block. Ten years later, the now divorced Malcolm married Grace on Carmen’s birthday in November. He lived to see all three of the girls’ children, the last being Carmen’s daughter, Camille Grace Jackson before he succumbed to a heart attack in the early 90’s. My grandfathers were two family members who I never had the pleasure of meeting but thanks to the migration of their past generations, I have a wonderful family. 

– Camille Jackson

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