The Ring Of Journey

Every person in this world has an object which they cherish and treasure dearly in regards to its past, whether it was a happy one or not. I, too, like everyone, have an object that are extremely important to me; it has been helping me through numerous difficult times, like the migrant to the U.S, for example. And this object is none other than my ring, a present from my uncle. Although it may be seen as insignificant by some people but the depth of its memories is my everything. In 2004, my uncle moved to Italy. At first, he didn’t have any proper job; but through time, after facing many challenges, he ultimately became successful. Seven years later, 2012, my uncle briefly visited us in Bangladesh and I was ecstatic to see him after what felt like an eternity. Before he went back, he gifted me with the ring. When he was handing over it, I’ve thought that I was receiving the most valuable thing on Earth ever. And, indeed, it was. The silver ring, which has stained with his sweat, represents and reflects his will, diligence, and conscientiousness in it. Whenever I’m in frustrating, disappointing, or nervous moments, I would look at it for motivation and strength. I’d encourage myself to never give up, as my strong-willed uncle did not. Even though my uncle is miles away from me now, his memories and hardships are present in the ring and I believe that it will be guiding me toward the right path of life.

Year: 2015

– Nasif

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