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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My father was driver and mother opened grocery store in China. I took this picture when I was sixteen years old. I immigrated with my mother, sister, and brother and came from China. My dad came to the U.S first and worked in the restaurant.  He didn't speak English and couldn’t find another job. The restaurant was the only way for him to earn money and sent money to China. He felt alone when he lived in the America. So, he would call us every day after he was finishing work.  When we immigrated here, my mother didn't go to work because my brother and sister were young; she need take care of them. I thought it is hard to adopt American’ culture when I came here. I didn't speak English and need to learn the new language. I need to meet new friends and teacher assistant would help me to registered class. When I was in the class, the teacher was very nice and helped me when I didn't understand the questions.  I am too shy to speak English in the class because I worried people laugh at my speech.  I am in the ESL class when I was in the school. I thought the math class was an easy class because I knew how to do even though I didn't understand the question.

Place(s): China, NY
Year: 2010

– Yanjin Yang

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant