medicated plaster

Relationship: Im/migrant
medicine for joint pain
medicine for joint pain

My friend is an immigrant been lived in U.S. about 4 years. Every time I pass by him, I smell the pungent smelling of medicine and always has the plaster in his joint. He had the college degree in China, but he still need to retake the classes, his degree isn’t approved in U.S. He thought it would be easy to find a job and earn some money for his life, when he came to the U.S.Unfortunately, he spend a lot of time to look for jobs and the wages just can barely support his own life. The first job is the hardest to find, since he had no work experience and skill for any job. He been seeked the job for weeks and finally became a porter, who is carrying the dead pig to store. After the day of work, every part of his body sored, he had said, “this job is not for human, and the boss just wants to use him as two people.” Since those jobs only could barely support himself, he often changed. After couple years, his English became a little bit better, so he can be an insurance salesman. Everyday of his work is set up a table and chair in the corner of street, stop the passers trying to sale the insurance to them. Sometimes he need to make thousands of call to customer to answer any problems they have. Through the hardest time of his life, he deserve to work in the office, the wages are enough to support his life work. But the work of his early life already left indelible marks, he needs the medicated plaster to help himself relief the pain.

Year: 2012

– Z. Chen

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant