The Black Hol(e)der

Black Bag
Black Bag

This bag is called The Black Hol(e)der and for a good reason. It contains the most important documents such as passports, social securities, vaccination records, etc. We also call it this since the bag is filled with everyone's papers, its hard to look for the papers that we actually need. Keep in mind I have 6 siblings so it gets a little overwhelming. I remember when I had to fill my FAFSA and applications for college, this guy was my best friend. This bag was my grandmas holder for my mom's documents and since then my mom has been using it for her children. Whenever someone would ask "Mom where is __?" she would point to the black holder and you would get the point.  As an immigrant family living in the US, it is so important for one to always know where their important stuff is because once you lose one, its a very hard process to obtain what was lost. Although I probably wont use the same bag, I most definetly will get a new bag to keep my papers in in the future. 

Place(s): Samar, Philippines


Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child