The Clothing factory

Relationship: Im/migrant

First generation immigrants are the most hardworking group because they try their best to immigrated to America. No matter what their expectation is, whether is for religious freedom or a better life. They know their goals, so they work extra hard. I always heard my mom narrates her immigration story, and I often get touched. This photo is showing the clothing factory which my mom currently work in. My mom immigrated to America when I was two years old, she divorced with my biological father, because my biological father is a man who looks down on women. When he knew my gender, he dislikes me so my mom let my grandma taking care of me, then come to an unfamiliar country. In China, she works as a photographer, but when she immigrated to America because of the language barrier she has no choice and no job opportunities. Her aunt recommends her to work in clothing factory so she can earn money and mail the money to my grandmother for raising me. Even though we can see from the photo, the clothing factory has a bad environment, but she never complains. Our family size also changed after my mother married with my step-father, and give birth to my brother. Now, we are a family of four, which she said she is very satisfied with her situation now, but every time I saw the working environment, I promise I will work as hard as she did and giver her a better life.

Place(s): China,New York
Year: 1998

– YC

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant