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percy being cool
percy being cool

I just finished my 4th-grade classwork, we were directed to read after finishing. My old classmate, Daniel, was reading the last book of "The Heroes of Olympus", I was interested and searched that it was the follow-up series to "Percy Jackson and the Olympians". Then I was able to read both series thanks to classmates lending me their books and borrowing from the library. I fell in love with the books, quickly reading through, fully engaged in the quiet details of the books. I searched online, trying to find others to converse about the books. I found out about a main fanfiction website, Wattpad. While reading fanfiction about the Percy Jackson series, I got to have many conversations debating about characters and ships(short for relationships). I read some of the popular fanfictions, I was borderline addicted, it distracting me from things like schoolwork at times. I soon changed my views on the original books from constant reading of these fanfics. I integrated into the fanfiction communities, actively waiting for the next update to WIP stories that I enjoy. The exciting, cliff-hanging, lively, beautifully written books were awesome to get into. The fanfiction community is so big and it was a good way to explore new things.

Place(s): NYC
Year: 2021

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