Growing up, I have always looked up to my mother for being such a hardworking and caring person. My mother was the first to migrate from Puerto Rico to the United States in the 1990s at the age of 18. Coming to this country with barely knowing the language, having an 8th grade education it was very challenging. But like many immigrants, she worked really hard to provide for my grandparent in the Dominican Republic as well as herself. These were very tough times, because minimum wage at this time was $3.80, she was forced to work for long periods of hours and came to her rented room smelling like fried oil every night. But as time when on she was able to get a little rise and a higher position at Mc Donald’s, which able my father to migrate to this country and start a family. Even though she no longer works for the company she would always cherished the memories she had as well as the bonds she made with her coworkers who still remain a part of our lives.

Year: 1990

– P.G

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