Tandir Bread

Relationship: Im/migrant

My story is about Samarkand Tandir bread. I was born in a beautiful city called Samarkand. Our bread looks like sun-round, and also the color is yellowish. This bread is made out of white flour, salt, butter and baking powder. Then we use a large open fire stove. The bread is soft, when it comes out of the stove. I believe that the bread in my country is very important to many people, because my family eats bread with many meals. The taste and aroma of that bread cannot be compared to any other bread in the world. When my mother came to in United States she decided to try to make Samarkand bread, because my mother loves to eat it, likes me. When she baked, then I tasted the bread. It was very hot and tasted delicious. That bread still reminds me when I was a girl and always liked to eat bread. One day, I went to my aunt’s house and I saw how she made tandir bread. She got me the bread. The bread was delicious. When we came in United States with whole family, one sunny day we went outside, and I saw how someone threw bread in the street. When I saw that, I was appalled. The bread is very important for us and showed our international culture. However, when I bought American bread from the supermarket the taste was very different from Samarkand bread, because the American bread didn’t have any taste. Samarkand tandir bread is very delicious and important in my country.

Year: 2012

– Shahzoda Toshpulatova

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant