Taka is very significant to me because it represents what the struggle was for my family when it had came to money. Bangladesh is known to be a really poor country. My parents grew up in the village and they did not have much money but had enough just for themselves. However, in Bangladesh if you are not educated and do not have a good job, you will end up doing labor jobs and barely getting paid. My mother had gotten married at the age of 15, therefor having to drop out of school and becoming a housewife. At the time it was just my mom and my dad, so they did not have to worry much about money. Then at the age of 17 my mother had gotten pregnant with my eldest sister. Now it was time for them to worry because of the new addition to the family. My father had decided to go back to college but in order for that to happen he needed money. So my dad decided to take loans from people and he went to college and finished. However, while in college he had to pay back those loans. So while in college he decided to work. Going to college and working was so hard and a lot to handle but at this point my dad did not have much of a choice. He had to work all 7 days of the week because there were some days where he did not even get paid. After he finished college and paid off his loans my dad had became an Islamic priest. As years had gone by my dad got this big business deal in Kuwait. That all leading to my dad and his family getting a visa to America.

Year: 1997

– Nasrin Chowdhury

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