My Dad's Keychain

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

In Northern Ireland, my Dad had a keychain to his house. He brought it with him to his new job in America. It traveled with him as he entered through Airport checking. As he did, it remained in his pocket and remained part of his lifestyle. It was part of his habit of living and he wanted to continue it. It had a medallion as a reminder of his trip to vatican city attached to it. It came with him as he moved to America with his new wife because she wanted it to. It remained in his pocket as he did things in America for the first time, such as go to a diner, or ride on the subway. It also contained the keys to his new apartment. He then took it to his new job, for which he was part of a information technology compartment for an insurance company. It was with him when he met his new colleagues of all races and diversity. Overall, it was with him throughout his newly transitioned life, and was an essential element of his new life in America. It can be important to learn the past experiences of people to know what can happen to you. Joining a diverse community of people in a new country and lifestyle is what it means to be American.

Year: 2000

– John Corr

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant