Relationship: Im/migrant
Archivist standing in front of the record books
Archivist standing in front of the record books

At first glance, the attached photo shows an older gentleman standing in front of a bookshelf. The photo is actually of a 19th century archivist at the Archdiocese of New Orleans Archives displaying his beloved record books. The record books in this photo are the reason that New Orleans will forever be my home. My connection to New Orleans comes from a love of history. Earlier in my life, I visited New Orleans many times. From the very first trip, I knew that I was going to live here one day. After living here for a summer and interning with the Archdioceses of New Orleans, I felt like New Orleans was my home. When I graduated from college, I received a phone call offering me the opportunity to be an archivist at the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese and the Archives have officially made New Orleans my home. I couldn't imagine a better reason to migrate to this beautiful and historic city.

Year: 2017

– Katie Vest

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant