Midlo Center, New Orleans New Orleans, LA

The Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies at the University of New Orleans supports research and public events highlighting the city's history and culture. The Center is launching this Your Story gallery in honor of the city's Tricentennial celebration in 2018.   The port city of New Orleans has a long, complex history of cultural interaction between diverse populations. Partnering with the Tenement Museum, we are collecting stories, reflections, and images that illuminate this history of migration and immigration. From everyday objects to historical artifacts, recipes to family portraits, our gallery will be a repository for the personal histories of the city's residents and how they—or their ancestors—made New Orleans home. 

Your story

Help us tell a more complete story of American immigration and migration by contributing a family object story to the collection.

Your Story, Our Story

features objects that tell personal stories of American immigration and migration

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