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              Migration from one country to another country can bring a significant change in lifestyle. Hence, we hear different kinds of stories from immigrant families. Some of which are inspiring, and some are heart-breaking. The picture that I uploaded is connected to sociology of family as it depicts a nuclear family, most likely coming from oversees; looking at the Statue of Liberty with an incredible amount of hope. It is indeed a matter of challenge for immigrant families to adjust in a new country/city as diverse as New York. Most of the immigrant families either go through acculturation or assimilation process to some degree My name is Elman, Sadman. I came to New York from Bangladesh back in 2010, July 10th. My dad used to own a big garments factory in Bangladesh. Hundreds of workers used to work in that factory. Currently that factory is being run by his brothers as he decided to move to the U.S for the sole purpose of giving better education to his kids. As you can imagine we were very well-off when we were in Bangladesh. When he came to the U.S he started driving Uber to maintain his family. He had to give up his title as ''Entrepreneur'' to an ''Uber driver''. Even though realistically Uber driver makes descent money, but still it's a big transition in terms of a job title. On the contrary, my mom used to be a housewife in Bangladesh. When she came to the U.S she started working in a key food store to support my father. Ironically, she actually find her job to be very rewarding because she never worked outside in Bangladesh.

Place(s): Bangladesh, New York
Year: 2010

– SE

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant