Reputation Album

Front Cover
Front Cover

She’s a musical icon, and she is the moment. But how long was she the moment? How long until you come crashing down? How long until your reputation gets so bad that there’s no way back? Nothing has related to me in life more than the music. It has gotten me through the hardest times in my life. But the only artist that had stuck with me through all of this was the “Mastermind” herself, Taylor Swift. 
 I’ve always loved the concept of vinyl records and how creative artists can get with them. My favorite record of Taylor’s will always be reputation. Not just the songs but the whole theme of the album. The beginning of my Sophomore year, “I Did Something Bad,” but I never meant it to turn into that. All these rumors about what I did spread so fast and suddenly life was black and white for me. I lost so many friends that I’ve had for several years, and I got really depressed. The reputation album helped me realize that I wasn’t alone and that when your reputation comes crashing down, you will come back. 

The black and white color scheme of this album just connected with me and reminded me of the backstory of the album. Taylor’s reputation just kept going down with lawsuit after lawsuit. It was clear to tell that she had a moment of depression as well. Being depressed turns your world of color into a world of black and white. She wrote this album as a comeback to show the world that she is not going down without a fight and I felt the same way. I quickly found a group of new friends that looked like they would be there for me. They supported me and made me happy again. Thanks Taylor.


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