My Grandma and Great-Granddad

Relatives in the 1940's in Germany
Relatives in the 1940's in Germany

The object I’m sharing is a picture of my Great-Grandpa and Oma (German for grandmother). My Dad and I found the photo hidden away among other family documents. This object is very important as Oma and her parents moved around every few years and many things were either lost or left behind. After Great-Grandpa died, this image was kept by Great-Grandma’s side. The photo was taken on a U.S. base in Germany during World War II. Great-Grandpa was a U.S. soldier who had settled on a U.S. army base there. Great-Grandma lived close by and though neither spoke each other's language they both fell in love. They married and had two kids while in Germany (Oma and her younger brother Patrick). Oma and Patrick were citizens of the U.S. because their dad was a U.S. soldier. The family eventually went to America. When Great-Grandma came over she took an oath declaring her loyalty to the US. Oma and her sibling didn’t spend much time in Germany. They went every three years to visit family. After Great-Grandfather died from a heart attack while Oma was just 12 years old, the family stopped visited Germany. “My mother was an excellent cook sharing many recipes with the family like Wienerschnitzel & Apple Strudel in the US,” Oma explained. Each morning I wake up to this image and it reminds me of an important time in my family’s history.

Place(s): Germany

– Kaitlyn

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant