Glass Rabbit Statue


My object is a glass statue of a rabbit. I got this when I was around 7 years old. It was summer when my family decide to go to Canada [not my brother]. We were in the second day of the trip, visiting a castle. We were done touring the castle when we spotted a gift shop. Before I got the statue, I have to go to a glass show. In the show, we saw how they make different glass sculptures. There was a giveaway, but my family was not chosen. As we were leaving, my sister spotted a stand selling glass statues. We dragged our parents over there and spend time admiring them. We begged our parents to get it and they finally agreed. I selected a rabbit and my sister got a cat. My rabbit has red and white swirls going around each other. We bought them and on the bus, we made sure that they are safe. Right now, they are in my mother's room. Even though they fall a lot, they don't break because they are made out of hard glass. That statue reminds me of the fun I had while in Canada. 

Place(s): Canada

– Catherine Dong

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