The Rial

The last time I was in my country, Yemen, I received a 1000 rial bill. I thought for a moment that I had 1000-dollar bill. I stood there thinking about what I could buy with it, I thought I was rich! Then it all came to me - this was a rial I was holding, it was not a real 1000 dollar bill. Instead, it was actually worth $5.00, instead of a thousand as I thought! A $1.00 dollar bill is worth 200 rials. I was almost tricked by the money. I thought of myself going to a store in America demanding things worth of a thousand dollars. In my country money is called rials, and it is our way of paying. Lots of things there are extremely cheap, like candy. This rial reminds me of my family and heritage back in Yemen, and the journey we took to come here.

– Raed Abuzaid

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