Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Worn out, Green cover, blue designs
Worn out, Green cover, blue designs

After my parents got married my dad needed to get a job. I have a lot of siblings so my dad needed to make money if he wanted all of them to survive. My dad traveled alot of places and worked at a couple of restaurants. One day he left to America and he felt that here in New York City  he would have alot of job oppurtinities, and he did.  A couple of years later my mom came to New York after my dad and they rented an apartment together. My parents left my siblings back in Yemen, leaving my older sister who was the youngest at the time in the care of my other older siblings who were adults. My mom says that the first thing she recieved when she first arrived was the Quran that my dad had bought for her from a Mosque. It is an average size book, green cover with blue designs, Arabic words written inside, and little bit worn out especially from the spine but that wasn’t the case when she first recieved it. I rember asking her what was the meaning behind it and she had told me, “ it’s the words of Allah (God), no matter the situation Allah should always be in your heart. If you remember and love Allah, Allah will love and remeber you.”  My mom is very religious when it comes to Islam, she reads at least one page from the book everyday. I asked her when she read the book the most and she replied with, “ after praying, Fridays, and Ramadan”. My mom has owned the book for nearly 15 years. My mom says that even though here in America people have different thoughts of Islam, she will never let go of her religion and the Quran is her reminder.

Place(s): New York City
Year: 2004

– SN

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant