La Virgin De Guadalupe

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Religious Statue
Religious Statue

The reason why I choose  my object is because it represents my religion and my family. I have one tiny one about three inches tall, and one that is a medium size about eight inches. The small one I had since I got baptized. My mom said the other one she got as a gift (I think).  I also have a blanket and a picture of her on top of my bed. Yup, I have a bunch of stuff based on her.
My mom tells me that La Virgen De Guadalupe plays a big part when it comes to mexican culture. My parents are both from Mexico. I had asked my mom to tell me the story of la Virgen de Guadalupe. 
So there was a guy named Juan Diego who was walking to his village. On December 9, while he was walking to his village, he saw this woman who had a ray of sun around her.  (Virgen De Guadalupe)  The woman said to Juan that she wants a shrine to be built for her where she first appeared. ( I think the place where she first appeared was near a hill called Tepeyac Hill. It’s in Mexico City) So Juan Diego went to a bishop, but the bishop would not build the shrine because he did not believe what Juan Diego was saying. He wanted Juan Diego to show him a sign.     So on December 12, virgen de guadalupe re-appeared to Juan Diego and told him to go and collect roses and put them in his cloak. Juan then took the roses to the bishop. When he opened his cloak, all the roses fell out. But, there was a picture of la guadalupe printed in Juan’s cloak.
 Their are also some songs about la guadalupe. Speaking   of songs, we would always sing songs about la virgen de guadalupe in church on december 12. 


– Joseline Lozano Cadeno

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant