Map of DR

Relationship: Im/migrant
This is a picture of the DR map
This is a picture of the DR map

She is from Dominican Republic. Her name is Maria and she was 36 years old when she moved to America. The reason why she moved is because she thought there was bad security in the Dominican Republic and to her America had better security than DR. Maria moved on her own. She decided to move without anyone forcing her. So that means that she actually was PULLED into the country. When Maria was getting ready to move she brought her daughter with her and also her husband. The reason why is because she wanted her daughter to be safe with her. The nation is made up of immigrants. A lot of people move from their countries all the way to America. She made a hard decision by leaving DR, but she had to make that decision to have a better life. Immigrants teach me a very important lesson, “You should always do what’s best and always be yourself”. Most people believe that immigrants are just people who move because they were forced to, but it’s way more than that; it’s about people who want a better life. It was a great idea for Maria to bring her daughter with her because she got to spend her life.

Place(s): Dominican Republic
Year: 2000

– Savannah

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant