This is a Japanese charm called "Omamori." It is something to support your spirit, including your wishes and giving prayers to important people. We can get them from Japanese shrines or temples. We take Omamori with us or display them in our room. The Omamori usually has two layers. The inside is paper or a wood piece. The Outside is made of silk. The Omamori has prayers written on it which are supposed to bring good luck. The content is sacred, so they are wrapped in silk.
In my case, I bought the Omamori at a temple of Shibamata in Tokyo. This temple is famous for the Japanese movie "Tora - san." "Why did I buy this souvenir?" Because I wish that a special person will have good luck forever. When I stayed in New York a long time ago, I frequently went to a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant's master "Mucho," always cheered me up. He is like Tora-san, warm like family with a friendly smile. Then, in May, I tried to give him the Omamori. Although I am living in New York, unfortunately, the restaurant was closed and I can not give it to him. I hope this post will reach Mucho, and the Omamori will be a blessing for him.


– Naomi

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