The Cross


In my family, getting baptized is a big deal. Being baptized is important because we're being introduced to God. My family had a tradition when we got baptized. When we were baptized we all wore the same cross. My older sister was the first one of us to get baptized so the tradition was started with her. When my sister was baptized my mother had a cross lying around that she had gotten from a previous mass and she thought she should put it on my sister for her baptism. A few years later, my older brother was baptized with that same cross on and at that moment my mother had decided that it would become a tradition for her children to wear that cross during their baptism. Again, a few years later my other brother was baptized with that cross on because it had become a tradition. A few years after him, I was baptized and I wore that exact same cross. Until this day, we still hold that cross dear to our heart because it is special to us. Today, the cross hangs behind my door where it keeps me safe and gives me a sense of security. This cross symbolizes my connection to God.

Place(s): New York

– Annette Martinez

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