My grandfather’s Hadith books

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Hadith Books from Islam
Hadith Books from Islam

The grandfather’s hadith books, which are very old books, and these books are considered an old inheritance for my family because they have been passed down through generations. They read it to learn hadith to learn how to live life like the Prophet Muhammad. The hadith is the words and practices of the Prophet Muhammad that teach us how to live life. My grandfather had a lot of these books and my grandmother told me about these books when I was young after my grandfather passed away and that these books are very old and my mother told me that my grandfather used to read this writer a lot because he was Alqadi Alealamuhu Muhammad. This is special because it is related to religion and the family. We transfer the book of hadith from one generation to another, and these books are related to my family for more than 100 years, and these books are related to the Islamic religion because they are the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad. I passed these books from my great-grandfather to my great-grandfather and until now these books are still available and this is important because it is really old and looks like a treasure in the family.

Place(s): Yemen to New York
Year: 2018

– Ahmed Y.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant