In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

This object comes from my mom, she is originally from North Dakota and she grew up there on a farm. My mom used to wear it when she was my age 15-17.The necklace traveled far from North Dakota to New Orleans to Minnesota.  Its very special to me because I never got anything before that was passed down from my family besides a teddy bear I got from my brother when I was one year old. I think the necklace is very pretty but it's starting to get some age to it so it's not as shiny and bright as it used to be. My mom gave me the necklace when i was 14 years old because i didn't have much jewelry at the time, she gave me multiple different pieces of jewelry like bracelets and rings and earrings. I've always liked the necklace the most though because it was the prettiest to me. When i get older i want to refresh the necklace and give it to my daughter some day.

Place(s): North Dakota, Minnesota
Year: 2014

– S

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant