Baptism Gown

In Attire
My baby cousin wearing the gown.
My baby cousin wearing the gown.

My fathers side of the family has passed down the same baptism gown, starting with my great grandmother, Virginia. She was the first person to ever wear the gown and almost every member on my dad's side of the family has worn it since. Including my grandmother, father, brother, and numerous cousins. When I was baptized I was the 36th person to wear the gown. This gown has been ripped and torn but it continues to be fixed and given to the next generation. The church I was baptized in was also the same church to baptize my great grandfather, on my mothers side. I was the 5th generation to get baptized there. Even the bowl that holds the water was donated by my great grandmother, the one who first wore the gown. My family has been connected in many ways even before my parents married. 

– Ella Walker

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