My Grandparents House

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This is my grandparents house in NM.
This is my grandparents house in NM.

My grandparents house is something very important to my family and I. This is because this is the place where all of my family gets to get together during Christmas. Back in 2017, all of my family got separated due to new job opportunities my uncles and stepdad got offered. We’re all originally from Kansas but now, I have family in Colorado, New Mexico and some stayed in Kansas. It was a very hard change for all of us because we used to see each other everyday but now we see each other once a year. So when Christmas time comes around, we all get very excited to see each other. When we’re together, we tend to just stay in the house and watch movies and cook food like tamales which are one of my favorites. Although, sometimes we do go out as a family and go bowling which is my favorite thing to do with them because most of us are competitive and overall it’s just always a fun time with everyone. I have learned so much from the experience of having to move to a completely different state and having to leave my family behind. The most important thing that I have learned is to not take the time with my family for granted. Unexpected things could happen to anyone so every moment I have with my family in my grandparents house, I spend as much time as I can bonding and catching up with each of my family members. 

Place(s): New Mexico

– Nadia Perez

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant