My Grandparents

This is a picture of me, my siblings, and grandparents from my father’s side. My grandmother, father and aunt came to America on a plane in January of 1992, a year after my grandfather. Since coming from Fuzhou, China, their goal in America was to raise a family to live a better life than in Fuzhou. My grandparents took up jobs in restaurants and sweatshops to earn money to live in a small apartment in Manhattan. Working tirelessly in America in hopes of the better living and working conditions than in China, working in the fields. They left the little that they possessed in China, to begin anew in a new country. In the family my grandmother is the family chef, she cooks food for everyone in the family, even til today. When I asked my grandmother if she missed anything about China, she said she wishes to bring her mother into America.

Year: 1992

– Rayson Zhang

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