My Family Story

Relationship: Im/migrant

 Education In our family? We value it good because thanks to our parents nowadays we have a good education. They have always given us good education and we have been told to study because with studies we can become  better persons. We will be more prepared for the future. My goal is be a professional baseball player and Miliamdraś goal is to speak English.

  • My family is Politically Active in these ways:  Helping people in their work and also helping society when they seek other help. For example, when we were in The Dominican Republic, my mom helped people. When people came badly injured to my mom's work she paid a lot of attention to them, and when sick people arrived in a serious way she was going to help that person. 
  • My family has experienced/grown from Conflict/chaos in these situations: My family has experienced conflicts like all the others because of mistakes made. My father who played professional baseball in the minor league in America had conflicts with another player of the opposing team, because he made a gesture when hitting the ball that is an offense in our country and then they fought and my father broke 3 ribs from a hit.

Death/illness/loss has visited my family in these ways to these effects: When my younger uncle died,  the experience that we took me from him was that he was always a person who had a very good education and was also an obedient and humble person. His memory inspires me.The disease that my grandfather has on my mother's side is he can get to married because his disease is that the blood does not reach the heart well. 

Place(s): Republica Dominicana
Year: 2018

– Miliamdra

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant