Father's First Work ID

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 This is a picture of my father’s work ID for the first job he worked when he came to America from the Dominican Republic. He worked a factory job for the famous store Coach. Here he made purses and occasionally was able to keep some of the purses he put together which later became a first date gift for my mother and a wedding gift for my mother once they got married. This has to do with the Sociology of Family because my father came to America in 1982, and immediately took one of the few jobs an immigrant can get with little education and little knowledge of the English language. He came during a time in America when unemployment was at its highest because of a mid recession. With unemployment at a rise, family sizes were not that big in America compared to how big it was in the Dominican Republic. Him coming here and living here affected how many kids he wanted because as a factory worker there is not much money there to raise kids. He ended up having three kids in which he spent most of the time with because my mother is a home attendant which means she has long hours and a demanding job. He raised us and took care of us while also holding a factory job which is somewhat unusual in America since it is always made out to seem the father working long hours and spending less time with the kids compared to the mother. 

Place(s): Manhattan, NY
Year: 1982

– Jules Palm

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant