Milk Preserver (Dhiil)

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Milk Preserver container
Milk Preserver container

 Object name: Milk Preserver ( Dhiil in my language)
Object story: This is a type of Milk Preserver that my mom since she was a baby and what she thought she was going to need when she came to America in 1997. “When each child is born they receive it as a gift to use when they are old enough to get their own milk from cows, camels, goats.” My mother did not know that there were such things as refrigerators or freezers to keep food and drink items preserved. In my mother's words” I thought there would be small houses and you could buy a goat or a sheep to milk and pour the milk in the Milk Preserver to keep it fresh for the next day (Dhiil)”. This object is made of wood but there are some jeweled decorations around the Milk Preserver. This object came from where my parents were born in Somaliland. My mother introduced me about this item. This isn't used for special occasions or celebrations it's mainly used as an everyday household item. This object connects to my culture because since I was younger I would always play with it and see it around my house but I wouldn't ever know what it was used for until my mother told me the backstory. This object is important to me because this shows my heritage/culture. #Mother #Somaliland Independence #Immigrant.

Place(s): Somaliland
Year: 1997

– AH

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant