My Pilon from Haiti


My object is called a pilon in Creole. A Haitian pylon is made by Haitian themselves. It ’s wooden with carving deep into sides. We used it to make spices and most of the kitchen in Haiti has one. My pylon was given to me by my paternal grandmother and, made by my grandpa which I never got the chance to meet. I used to visit my grandma in the countryside of Haiti, AuxCayes which is where my grandma live now and my father, aunts, and uncles were raised.When I go there I liked to take lessons from my grandma on how to make spices, her way of cooking and recipes. On my 10th birthday, I went there with my family to celebrate with my grandma and we were sitting on the balcony she tells me that she got something for me, I was intrigued and existed, I thought she was going to give me money and then she told me to go under the bed and I will found it and right then my mood drop as I ask my self what is a valuable thing that she could be hiding under the better but I still went while dragging my feet and mumbling and  little did I know. When I got there I saw the pylon under the bed with a bow on it, I was so excited I screamed, I really wanted it but I didn’t think she was gonna give it to me. That pylon was the only precious and valuable thing that was passed down to me and hold it close to my heart. When I look at it I always think about my grandparent and sometimes get emotional. I hope one day to pass it down to my daughter or son and telling them the story behind it and hope it will make them feel closer to their great-grandparents and mother culture. 

Place(s): Haiti, Auxcayes
Year: 2016

– TT

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child